Monday, August 4, 2014

Billionaire Bars

So easy and so good!
1) The butter separated from the caramel mixture after about 5 mins, but patience and a whisk brought it back by the time 15 mins rolled around.
2) I used a pan with a removable bottom. After I baked the shortbread on a jelly roll pan, I laid it on a cooling rack and then used the bottom of the pan to cut out exactly what size I needed for the pan. I saved the excess as cookies and they’re soo good with milk!
3) The white chocolate seized on me (I heated it too fast) so I added a teaspoon of Crisco and it loosened back up. (That’s a good trick for cake pops too!)
4) Made an oops and added the vanilla before taking it off the heat. It didn’t seem to make a difference other than giving the filling a darker caramel color. The pictures above show a very light filling. Mine actually looks like caramel.
All in all, it turned out phenomenally and I can’t wait to see how my coworkers like it!

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