Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vanilla Dream Cake

Based on the controversial comments, of course, I had to try this cake. My first attempt Just came out of the oven so my initial reaction is. 1. This cake wouldn’t be any “whiter” if you used clear vanilla. The egg yolks in the recipe are what gives it the yellow color. 2. The hot crumbs do taste very “eggy” as one person commented their entire cake tasted. It also smells quite a bit like an egg custard. 3. I might label this a butter cake or a pound cake, but I highly doubt I will title it a Vanilla cake. 4. Those whose cakes didn’t “turn” out measured something incorrectly. It definitely makes 2, 8″, large crumb, very sweet cakes. 5. One person’s “perfect or dream” vanilla cake will very differently from another’s. That’s just the way it goes. 6. Even a baking tragedy isn’t a failure if you pay attention. You can learn something each time you bake so no sense crying over spilled milk or ruined cakes as they say. For example, if this cake turns out how I expect it will, I will probably use it as the base for an eggnog cake or add a layer of bananas and a caramel or burnt butter frosting for a bananas foster cake, but it probably won’t end up as my brother’s vanilla birthday cake on Friday.

I will post again once it has cooled, been frosted and set for at least a day in my refrigerator. I have found that the real flavor of cakes comes out best after a day or two in the fridge or after having been frozen and thawed. They seem to mellow and meld and the flavors have time to come together that way.

*Update :

The cake tastes mainly sweet, eggy and of baking soda. The edges are crisp due to the high amount of sugar I assume. My kids enjoyed it, hubby said it’s okay, I’m not a fan unless I creatively repurpose it, and my brother, whose birthday we are celebrating Friday, ate a giant piece last night with little comment BUT it is not the cake he chose for his birthday. One last note, I would make sure to grease and flour or use parchment for all layer cakes, ever, period.

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