Thursday, June 9, 2011

the BEST cheesecake EVER in the history of cheesecake

i have this friend Pam.
she took me to africa with her....we text everyday...she makes so much good food it's unreal.
she made this cheesecake for a party at my house.
i can't even describe it.

words can't describe how i feel about this cheesecake.

she created it.
she worked with ingredients from scratch...for years...and CREATED it.
i mean seriously...who does that?

PAM does. 
and she agreed to let me blog it.
with pictures.
you are such lucky readers!

here goes...


  1. What size tub of sour cream?

  2. What size tub of sour cream, please? Small is not a measurement.

  3. no size for cream cheese or sour cream